Bending Spoons

Settore Information Technology
Sede Milano, Italia
Anno di fondazione 2013
Numero di dipendenti 300-400
Sito Web

Profilo Azienda

At Bending Spoons, we create cutting-edge technologies and products. Our software engineers, AI researchers, data analysts, designers, and more all work collaboratively and cross-functionally to deliver products that are among the most popular in their app categories, delighting people across the planet. 

Since launching in 2013, we’ve served around half a billion people through our mobile apps. Still, we’ve only just crossed the starting line on our mission to make an enduring positive impact on our customers, on our teammates, and on society at large.
An impossible mission? Maybe.

We’re all in on finding out.

Certificazioni e Awards

I nostri dipendenti dicono di noi: Migliori Risultati

  • I Responsabili agiscono in modo onesto ed etico nella loro attività aziendale 98% 98%
  • I Responsabili ricercano con reale interesse suggerimenti e idee e il prendono in considerazione 97% 97%
  • Vengo trattato/a come parte integrante dell’azienda, a prescindere dal mio ruolo 97% 97%
  • Qui le persone sono pronte a dare qualcosa in più per portare a termine il lavoro 100% 100%
  • Qui le persone sono molto responsabilizzate 98% 98%
  • Raccomanderei la mia azienda come un ambiente di lavoro eccellente alle persone che conosco 98% 98%











Cosa ci contraddistingue

We’re Spooners.

That means we trust and respect one another. It means that we believe in one another, believe in the talent and the determination of our teammates, and in the ability we all possess to constantly improve. It means we inspire, encourage, and lift one another up, every single day.

It means that we’re serious about setting a positive example for tech companies in Italy and beyond. Just as we’re serious about supporting one another on our endless quests to excel in our jobs and in our lives.

And being Spooners means that we never stop reaching for the all-time greatness we intend to achieve as a team, as a tech company, as a role model for the entire world.

Lavorare in Bending Spoons

Working at Bending Spoons means working toward your greatest potential. And then discovering you’re capable of more than you ever imagined. 

Because when we hire you, it’s not for your experience. It’s not even just for your current skill set. It’s for the incredible growth we see ahead of you. And then we do everything we can to provide a rich, stimulating environment that will help you to realize—surpass—your most ambitious goals.

A big part of that environment is the awesome teammates you get to work with. Surrounded by kind, curious, and incredibly bright people who love collaborating, you’ll find inspiration and motivation in just about every interaction you have here. 

Then there’s what we provide that goes beyond the environment. Like real responsibility. The freedom to innovate, to drive your own initiatives. The opportunity to determine the direction of your own development. And most important, we do everything in our power to give you the most fulfilling challenges of your career. 

Because how else will you find out what you’re truly capable of?

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