Settore Sicurezza informatica – Anti frode
Sede Milano
Anno di fondazione 2014
Numero di dipendenti 40
Sito Web


Profilo Azienda

Cleafy’s revolutionary technology helps the largest banks and financial institutions worldwide scale-up their fight against online fraud.

We are the first solution to introduce full detection and response in online fraud prevention.

A groundbreaking data-driven approach that combines the most advanced fraud detection technologies, with automated responses that stop attacks at scale. All in one central platform.

We are a team of fraud hunters, cybersecurity experts, data scientists, and software engineers that since 2014 share one mission: making technology a safer place.

Recognized as market leader and selected vendor for Online Fraud Detection in Gartner Market Guide, we today protect over 60M+ users of top-tier retail and corporate banks.

Certificazioni e Awards

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  • I Responsabili hanno fiducia che le persone facciano un buon lavoro senza controllarle continuamente. 100% 100%
  • I Responsabili si comportano in modo onesto ed etico nel loro lavoro. 100% 100%
  • Vengo trattata/o come parte integrante dell’azienda, a prescindere dal mio ruolo. 97% 97%
  • Qui apprezziamo le persone che sperimentano nuove modalità di lavoro, indipendentemente dal risultato. 97% 97%
  • Sono orgogliosa/o di dire che lavoro per questa azienda. 97% 97%
  • Posso assentarmi dal lavoro quando penso di averne bisogno. 100% 100%











Cosa ci contraddistingue

There are a few core values that are always present in Cleafy’s daily life, during a fraud emergency, a department meeting or a coffee break.

One in particular though, is what we have a weakness for.

And that’s Curiosity.

We do love asking questions, without judging.

Curiosity is the fuel of innovation, and it is what helped us envision a new era for online fraud management.

So, do you have any questions for us?

We’d love trying to answer.

“We knew we needed to experiment a lot and learn to think differently, if we wanted to find something innovative. We founded Cleafy with this spirit. Here the freedom and courage to try out new things are not just a plus, they are at the core of everything we do. That’s how our technology constantly evolves and anticipates the future”

Carmine Giangregorio - co-founder

“Free to explore, create and innovate. Including making mistakes. That’s me every day in Cleafy, the best version of myself. And if needed, I know that my team is like a family: they will always support me.”

Claudia Todaro - Marketing Specialist

Lavorare in Cleafy

Working in Cleafy means staying at the forefront against online fraud, collaborating with the best fraud hunters, using the most advanced technologies, and developing the next ones.

It’s not just that though.

It means being part of a passionate team. We’d rather say a family actually.

A group of people that support, respect, and inspire one another, no matter what.

That’s how we are literally changing the status quo in fighting online fraud.

And we need great people for that.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Cleafy family?

Lavora con noi!

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La voce dei nostri collaboratori

“In questa azienda ci sono pari opportunità per tutti, è un ambiente speciale dove ci si sente in famiglia.”

“La volontà di responsabilizzare ogni collaboratore, permettendo a ciascuno di esprimere il proprio talento è una cosa speciale in questa Azienda”

“Qui lavorano persone speciali che sono da esempio per tutti gli altri colleghi.”

“Ogni idea delle persone viene presa in considerazione dal management e, se possibile, applicata.”