Settore Information Technology
Sede Torino
Anno di fondazione 2022
Numero di dipendenti 13
Sito Web www.eoliann.com

Profilo Azienda

Eoliann is a community of innovators, committed to redefining how the world approaches climate risk. Using satellite imagery and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, we predict the probability, intensity, and impact of climate events for the entire European continent. Our solutions enable financial institutions, insurers, and infrastructure companies to make informed decisions to enhance resilience in a rapidly changing climate.

At Eoliann, tackling climate change is not just our mission – it’s our passion, and we approach it with a blend of innovation, purpose, and fun. Our team is our greatest asset, and we prioritize their growth and well-being above all. By bringing together people who share our values and culture, we’ve cultivated an amazing community of professionals. This doesn’t just lead us to achieve remarkable results, but also fosters an environment where inspiration and challenge coexist, pushing us all to continuously break new ground.

Certificazioni e Awards

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  • Il mio lavoro ha un significato particolare: non è un “lavoro come un altro”. 100% 100%
  • I Responsabili ricercano con reale interesse suggerimenti e idee e li prendono in considerazione. 100% 100%
  • Quando vedo che cosa siamo in grado di realizzare, provo un senso di orgoglio. 100% 100%
  • Le persone vengono incoraggiate a trovare un equilibrio fra lavoro e vita privata. 100% 100%
  • Qui è possibile lavorare divertendosi. 100% 100%
  • I Responsabili hanno fiducia che le persone facciano un buon lavoro senza controllarle continuamente. 100% 100%











Cosa ci contraddistingue

At Eoliann, we harmonize the methodical rigor of scientific research with the dynamic spirit of a startup product development.
The forefront of research is not just where we begin; it’s the continuous benchmark we strive to surpass.

We want our results to be accurate and adhere to scientific methodology.
At the same time, we’re dedicated to swiftly translating our research discoveries into applied solutions, ensuring a direct and immediate impact on our customers’ daily decision-making.

Our flat structure fosters a creative and collaborative atmosphere where laughter blends with innovative breakthroughs. Every voice matters, and we actively seek the insights of our team members, inviting them to shape the way we work and grow together.

“After Eoliann was founded in July 2022, I was the first person hired by the co-founder in September of the same year. I think this speaks volumes about how much care and attention is dedicated to building the best possible workplace for our people. From day one we our efforts went into designing an environment based on freedom and responsibility. That’s why at Eoliann every person is involved in decision-making and their insights actively shape our improvements.”

Alessandro - Head of People

“There are many things that I find exceptional and unique in this company. The first that I would mention, and which reflects the underlying philosophy on which everything else depends, is the attention that the managers have towards the employees. They are constantly asking for genuine and sincere feedback on how things are going and what they can do to improve them, to the benefit of not only the company but also the individual.”

Francesco - Data Scientist

Lavorare in Eoliann

Working at Eoliann means embarking on a journey where your potential is the compass, guiding you beyond known limits.

From day one, there’s no tutorial or sandbox. Dive into our resources, contribute, and help shape our solutions. We believe in immediate impact so full responsibility isn’t a promise, it’s a requirement.

Understanding that professional advancement isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder, we focus on expanding skills, broadening our responsibilities, and engaging in groundbreaking projects. We’re committed to the personal growth of everyone, offering a variety of resources to support our individual learning paths. Through courses, workshops, and mentorship programs, we ensure that everyone can carve out their own path within Eoliann.

So that each day, we’re not just making a difference – we’re redefining what’s possible.

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“I believe that something extremely significant is that we all come to the office sincerely willingly. This is one of the main characteristics that makes me love this job and that, as a founding partner, makes me feel on the right track to build the project we have in mind.”

“I feel like I can speak my mind and be taken into consideration. The culture is progressive and inclusive, and I am really happy to be a part of it.”

“Working for Eoliann allows you to connect the most cutting-edge scientific research with the practical implementation of an innovative software. People are happy to contribute to a project that is bigger than just a business and as a result they bring joy and motivation to the work atmosphere.”

“Since I joined Eoliann, I feel like I can give my best, I feel like I am being held responsible, I feel like I am being recognized; in the same way, I feel the freedom to share good moments with colleagues beyond simple work, we bring each other towards continuous growth, without fear of making mistakes. I find in Eoliann the opportunity to confidently connect with all individuals beyond our hierarchy, simply because we share the same vision and values.”