S. C. Johnson Italy

Settore Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Sede Arese (MI)
Anno di fondazione 1960
Numero di dipendenti 208
Sito Web www.scjohnson.com

Profilo Azienda

We are SC Johnson, a family company at work for a better world. We are a leading manufacturer of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care, as well as professional products. At global level, SC Johnson brands include Glade®, Kiwi®, OFF!®, Pledge®, Mr Muscle®, Duck®, Baygon® and Raid®. Other brands include Ziploc®, Scrubbling Bubbles®, Windex®, Autan®, Bama®, Shout®, Mrs Meyers®, Babyganics®, Method® and Ecover®. We are headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Our Italian office is in Arese, in the northwest area of Milan. Our Chairman and CEO, Fisk Johnson, is the fifth generation of the family to lead the company. As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. That’s why we’ve spent over a century making quality products that work, using ingredients you can trust. We are at work for a better world. This is not just a tag line – it’s a reminder that we hold ourselves to a higher standard, building on our legacy of trust by doing the work to meet the needs of our consumers while protecting the planet for generations to come.

Certificazioni e Awards

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  • People here are treated impartially regardless of sexual orientation. 99% 99%
  • People here are treated impartially regardless of ethnic origin. 99% 99%
  • People here are treated impartially regardless of gender. 96% 96%
  • When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome. 97% 97%
  • People here are given a lot of responsibility. 91% 91%
  • I feel good about the way we contribute to the community. 92% 92%











Cosa ci contraddistingue

There are additional values that set us apart from other companies – values like trust and family, creativity and spirit, sustainability and engagement.
We take into account the impact of every single choice, far beyond its immediate marketplace effects. We also work to make life better for the next generation and to protect the environment and the world in which we live. We do this because we don’t answer to the whims of the stock market or the trends of the day!
We work hard to promote a high-performing, inclusive and winning culture with a strong sense of fairness. This is often visible with employees going the extra mile for their customers, managers and peers. Employees are regularly recognized and rewarded for a job well done in many different ways. Our major strength is represented by our people, who are the real competitive advantage of the company. What distinguishes SCJ people are not only their competencies but, especially, their humanity and the friendly relationships they build between each other. This makes the working environment familiar, informal and inclusive.
We consider all these aspects our distinctive and winning peculiarities.

“Being a family company, one of our most important values is teamwork. We strongly believe in the power of working in teams, made up by competent, motivated and diverse individuals, with the common intent to achieve winning results. We support mutual aid and cooperation because we want to act as a real big family and because we believe that only playing as a strong team we will consistently deliver results in good or bad times”

Lorenzo Potecchi, VP,GM,Western and Southern Europe

“The key value of our company is the centrality of our people, which is taken into high consideration in all big and small decisions we make every day at all levels in the organization. We put people – and not just employees – first and we act accordingly because we believe that only in a great place to work they can fully express their potential. We do care about people and that is why my job in this company in the last 20 years has been so exciting and meaningful.”

Serena Colombo, Director,Human Resources Southern Europe

Lavorare in S. C. Johnson Italy

Working in SCJ means joining a new big family in which working relationships are based on mutual trust, which is a crucial part of the company culture. SC Johnson believes in people involvement and empowerment, and it considers youth as the driving force which can push our organization towards development. Exemplary behaviors are always recognized and celebrated, and performing people are valued and offered training or developing opportunities. We keep high levels of performance for a long time and not only for the short term, trying to reach successful results for the next few years. The company also offers job opportunities which go beyond national and European areas and which thus allow to operate in both Italian and global contexts.
Working in SCJ also means being engaged in environmental sustainability and taking care of our world as well as its population, especially the struggling ones.
All these peculiarities make SCJ a wonderful and unique working environment, which allows everyone to express themselves, develop new skills and knowledge and create their own desired career.

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“L’attenzione ai dipendenti come persone a 360° e non solo come pedina di un contesto lavorativo è tangibile. Il management è davvero improntato al rispetto, alla collaborazione e alla valorizzazione delle risorse, il che favorisce un clima familiare e disteso, in cui è possibile dare il meglio di sè per raggiungere gli obiettivi.”

“È un ottimo ambiente per crescere professionalmente e personalmente. È un ambiente fortemente internazionale e questo aiuta ad accrescere le competenze e svilupparle”

“We always come together to celebrate. We support each other and have a lot of fun. Our Management is extraordinary and competent.”

“The company as a real family company imprinting combined with a multinational chassis/structure and opportunities. Almost unique in the world.”